SCons, Wine, and Winelib

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at
Thu Feb 17 09:13:00 CST 2005

 <Pine.LNX.4.62.0502171314190.11662 at amboise.dolphin>Francois Gouget writes:

> I've never use SCons either but the advantage of generating regular 
> Makefiles is that many many developers are familiar with them. I would 

*nod*. I agree.
I get particularly upset when I download software and the build system
doesn't work for some (usually minor) reason. make-based projects are
quick hacks for a fix (for a great deal of people). its very unlikely i
understand how to hack the current build system of the week.

wasn't the original impetus that the new UNIX developer doesn't have to
learn make/autoconf? so instead they just learn a different build
systems software? I dont follow the logic there...

Just my humble $0.02.


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