Microsoft genuine downloads looking for wine

Mike Hearn mh at
Fri Feb 18 05:03:37 CST 2005

Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> If the mere existence of this key makes the validation fail, what's to 
> stop a virus from simply adding this key as a way to stop legitimate 
> users from downloading the security fix for that same virus? If MS is 
> really doing what we think they may be doing here, I don't think they 
> are going to be enjoying it for long. They are (what else is new?) 
> shooting themselves in the foot (again?).

Yes, I wonder if they considered that scenario ... presumably if that 
did happen they'd just have to get people to revalidate.

> The main problem with MS is that what they call "core OS" can get quite 
> absurd.

Exactly, right now their new anti-spyware app is protected even though 
it's definitely a new app. It didn't even exist (in its current form) 
when the last Windows update shipped.

> Amen to that. So, opengl, dcom, what else do we need? :-)

OpenGL we provide ourselves. The big ones that I know about are DCOM, 

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