Installshield (with Roller Coaster Tycoon demo)

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Feb 18 10:26:04 CST 2005

Paul Vriens wrote:

> Hi,
>I copied over a stdole32.tlb, the error is still there. The two
>(builtin/native) traces however show a difference:
>With builtin stdole32.tlb:
>000b:trace:ole:ITypeInfo_fnGetRefTypeInfo typeinfo in imported typelib that isn't already loaded
>000b:trace:ole:WINE_StringFromCLSID 0x77eaa254->{00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLib (L"C:\\windows\\system\\stdole32.tlb",0x91d0dc)
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLibEx (L"C:\\windows\\system\\stdole32.tlb",0,0x91d0dc)
>000b:trace:ole:LoadRegTypeLib (IID: {00020430-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}) load FAILED ((nil))
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLib (L"C:\\WINNT\\System32\\StdOle32.tlb",0x91d0dc)
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLibEx (L"C:\\WINNT\\System32\\StdOle32.tlb",0,0x91d0dc)

Does C:\WINNT exist? Looks like a bad path in your registry...

>000b:trace:ole:ITypeInfo_fnGetRefTypeInfo (0x77ed2828) hreftype 0x0000 loaded FAILURE (0x7df4b8)
>000b:err:ole:_get_funcdesc Did not find a typeinfo for reftype 0?
>000b:err:ole:PSFacBuf_CreateProxy GetFuncDesc 80029c4a should not fail here.
>000b:err:ole:proxy_manager_create_ifproxy Could not create proxy for interface {3d8b6331-d8b1-11d2-80c5-00104b1f6cea}, error 0x80029c4a
>With native stdole32.tlb:
>000b:trace:ole:ITypeInfo_fnGetRefTypeInfo typeinfo in imported typelib that isn't already loaded
>000b:trace:ole:WINE_StringFromCLSID 0x77eb4454->{00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLib (L"C:\\windows\\system\\stdole32.tlb",0xa9d0dc)
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLibEx (L"C:\\windows\\system\\stdole32.tlb",0,0xa9d0dc)
>000b:trace:ole:LoadTypeLibEx File L"C:\\windows\\system\\stdole32.tlb" index 1

... but it doesn't happen with native stdole32.tlb. Huw, any idea why 
this is happening?

>000b:trace:ole:ITypeLib2_Constructor_SLTG 0x7e8702b0, TLB length = 4240
>000b:trace:ole:ITypeLib2_Constructor_SLTG header:

>and a bit further in the log (err/warn not present for builtin, most
>likely because the builtin doesn't get this far):
>000b:warn:ole:I_RpcReceive bad packet type 116
>000b:trace:ole:RPCRT4_CloseBinding (Binding == ^0x7f305238)
>000b:trace:ole:RPCRT4_DestroyConnection connection: 0x7e714248
>000b:trace:ole:RPCRT4_CloseConnection (Connection == ^0x7e714248)
>000b:trace:ole:RpcChannelBuffer_SendReceive -- 0x800706c0
>000b:err:ole:xCall RpcChannelBuffer SendReceive failed, 800706c0

This last problem is fixed in CVS. The patch that fixes it is OLE #72. I 
think we were trying to HeapFree a bad pointer, causing corruption of 
the memory allocated for receiving the packet.


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