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Sam Lauber sam124 at
Fri Feb 18 10:36:52 CST 2005

Agreed.  Can't we just delete 
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Software/Wine or move it to another name? 

> >> In any case, at least from a technical point of view, going 
> >> around such test ought to be fairly simple
> If the mere existence of this key makes the validation fail, what's 
> to stop a virus from simply adding this key as a way to stop 
> legitimate users from downloading the security fix for that same 
> virus? If MS is really doing what we think they may be doing here, 
> I don't think they are going to be enjoying it for long. They are 
> (what else is new?) shooting themselves in the foot (again?).
They're probably famous for that already ;-).  

> > I don't think we want to go there. I demonstrated a way of checking for
> > Wine to Rob last night that we really cannot fix or workaround, and if I
> > can think of it they certainly can too.
> I think I know what way you are thinking of. Not sure someone less 
> versed in the way Wine works (it's an emulator, right?) would 
> figure that one out, but I guess you are right. I'll try to catch 
> you on IRC and see if we are, indeed, talking about the same thing.
> > Basically if we start integrating workarounds into Wine, it'll lead to an
> > arms race we cannot possibly win.
> >
> Technically, it will probably cost them more than it will cost us. 
> Then again, they also have more resources. I'll just point out that 
> I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with MS wishing to 
> keep the parts that truly are core Windows for Windows legal 
> license users only. The main problem with MS is that what they call 
> "core OS" can get quite absurd.
> > Better to ensure our users don't need
> > anything from that website.
> Amen to that. So, opengl, dcom, what else do we need? :-)
Write our own replacement.  Try OpenGL first.  We might 
have to clean-room reverse-engineer DCOM.  

IMO, the `core' operating system (besides the CD!) is the 
main installation disks and service packs.  Anything else 
is what I call a `program'.

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