World Of Warcraft

Alex Woods wine-devel at
Fri Feb 18 17:40:34 CST 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 06:42:28PM -0500, cyrix12 at wrote:
> works!  Kind of.  First thing I'd like to point out is that
> your patch doesn't add the new stuff (d3dx9 and wineguid) to the
> configure script, only to the  That caused a little
> problem for me since I didn't autoconf it, but was easily fixed.
> Compilation went perfectly and, then the fun began.

Hmm, didn't notice a wineguid problem, I just added this around the same
line for d3dx8 in, ran autoconf and went on as normal:

> Upon loading, it shows the usual intro screen.  Unfortunately, there's
> no textures yet (as you've mentioned).  It still runs though, and I
> can kind of make stuff out.  When I began to load my character, it
> crashed at the same place that the opengl version crashed!  It gave me
> this error:

It's not entirely without textures, and I get a lot further into the
game with these patches than in opengl mode.  I ran around for a bit
seemingly without problems for a while, but the very first time I tried
it did bomb out right at the start like with opengl.  I made a
screenshot of just outside a start room.  The terrain seems to be
textured, whereas everything else isn't.  I guess terrain is handled
differently.  If you want to see it I've got it up on a webpage:

If a fullsize screenshot is useful to anyone let me know and I'll email
one over.

Performance in this state is rather good.  It seems to be very smooth
running forward.  Turning is less smooth, but definately playable.  The
machine is relatively powerful though - 3500+ Athlon 64, 1GB ram and
a GeForce 6800.

On the OpenGL front, I too get scuppered by the minimap error.  It looks
very promising otherwise though.


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