Winemaker questions

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Feb 18 19:13:01 CST 2005

Hi François,

I tried to use winemaker on an app, and I had the following notes about

1) Some subdirs were not visited by winemaker, while some others were.
Should it visit all of them recursively? Does it stops if there are no
source file in a dir (but there are subdirs)? The last point looks like
the culprit.

2) Would it be possible to make winemaker understand the i64 postfix and
do something about it? I believe the most portable way would be to
change from "1234567890i64" to "(((__int64) 12) * ((__int64) 100000000)
+ ((__int64) 34567890))", as just replacing i64 by LL would be too easy.

3) winemaker changed the name of some .txt files from "a name.txt" to
"a_name.txt". Since those are not source code, and their endlines were
not unixified, I'm not sure it's such a good idea to touch those files.

4) Would there be a way to transform __try {}/__finally{} blocks to
__TRY {}/__FINALLY()? I'm not sure the changes I did are now compilable
under MSVC nor MingW.

Sidenote about exception.h: you need to use glibc's setjmp.h to get
sigsetjmp(), but the default use of winemaker is to use wine's msvcrt's
setjmp.h, which doesn't provide it. I sidestepped this by changing
#include <setjmp.h> to #include "setjmp.h" and putting a symlink to
/usr/include/setjmp.h in the current dir. It works, but it's far from
being perfect.

Other than that, the app compiled without much problems (but a lot of


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