unable to maintain application despite of maintainer status

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 21:48:45 CST 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> Le vendredi 18 février 2005 à 10:25 -0800, Scott Ritchie a écrit :
>>version 20050211 needs to be added to the database.  There's supposed to
>>be a script with each new version that does that alongside updating the
>>documentation - talk to Jeremy Newman about it.
> The versions are automatically added and 20050211 is already in the list
> when editing versions (at least I saw it since the first day and it's
> still here, can you re-check ?).

It was added by me last night. I have been very, very conscientious 
about keeping this up to date for almost (over?) two years now. I know 
that Jeremy Newman has talked about making automatic but I do not know 
how far he has gotten with it

BTW The reason I did not add it before last night was I have been busy 
setting up my new computer. <b><g></b>


Tony Lambregts

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