Making builtin OLE32 work right

Mike McCormack mike at
Sat Feb 19 02:10:25 CST 2005

Tony Lambregts wrote:

> Well If I can get around to submitting my "new bugzilla integration" 
> patch this could work right. The idea is to be able to attach multiple 
> apps (versions) to the same bug. Right now we use "url" in Bugzilla to 
> attach a bug to an app and that limits us to on app per bug.

Yeah, that would be neat.  I'd like to have a meta bug, say "Make OLE 
work", and then add all the applications that don't work as bugs under 
that meta bug.

I thought a checkbox might work too... a single click that somebody can 
set to show that the app works with builtin OLE or not.  Maybe that 
could add the app to the metabug somehow?

> The feature you want is to be able to click on a link in a bug and see 
> all the applications that that bug affects.

Well, kind of.  I want the app db to tell me all stuff that's not 
working with builtin ole32. (later possibly other dlls).

> I know exactly what I want it to do. I even have a bit rotted (almost) 
> working version on my old machine. The problem I currently have is 
> trying to keep up with the changes that Jon has been doing ( I don't 
> work nearly as fast as him) so I have been waiting for the database to 
> stablize a bit ...

OK. I'm sure that Jon would help you out. This change would help to 
leverage the appdb for developers, not just for users.

I'm a bit worried that our users are content to use native Windows dlls, 
which doesn't help achieve Wine's goals.


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