status of wine dll's

Tom twickline at
Sat Feb 19 05:19:47 CST 2005

Michael Jung wrote:

> * As a rough guess, I would say that rsaenh.dll is 70% complete by now. 


> * I think we should get rid of the rsabase.dll entry on the status_dll site 
> (and probably also in wine cvs): rsaenh.dll is a complete replacement and 
> rsabase isn't shipped anymore by Microsoft since Win2k (Applications don't 
> load rsabase/rsaenh directly, but via advapi32, which looks it up in the 
> registry).

When AJ removes it from CVS ill remove it from the status page.

> * I've just seen on the status page that I'm considered the 'recent primary 
> worker' for secur32.dll, which I didn't write a line of code for. Did you 
> mean this as some kind of subversive message? ;) 

A cut & paste error on my part :-)
i'll fix it in the next patch.



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