Making builtin OLE32 work right

Mike Hearn mh at
Sat Feb 19 08:15:58 CST 2005

Here is a brain dump of what I already know we need to fix for the CW
supported apps:

1) InstallShield:    RPC call re-entrancy

2) Lotus Notes:      OLE drag/drop leaves an image of the window behind
                     when it closes. Native does this functionality very
                     differently to us.

3) VB apps:          As Holly Bostick discovered to her cost, we can't
                     load all OLEPicture resources correctly. Our OLEFont
                     code also has misc bugs in, but we don't have any
                     tests and code which uses these objects is rare so
                     the full extent of the work here is an unknown

4) OLE Storage:      IIRC misc things break in Office when this is pulled

5) Office embedding: We need marshallers for IOleObject for this, I think ...
                     possibly a lot more. I do not know the details.

6) iTunes/iPod:      Not fully investigated yet but I think we need to
                     drop the typelib marshaller hack (this stands a 
                     good chance of breaking InstallShield for a short
                     time as well)

And one thing we probably don't care about:

7) Microsoft Transaction Server needs the typelib marshaller to generate
   RPC marshal-ops (format strings) instead of using custom marshalling
   like we do right now. But who cares about MTS while InstallShield and
   Office still aren't there? :)

thanks -mike

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 10:58:27 +0900, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'd like to compile a list of all applications that don't work correctly 
> without native ole32 (aka dcom95), then go through and try fix them.
> I think bugzilla is probably the right place to save the list, and that 
> alot of the information we're looking for is already in the appdb.
> How can we extract if easily?  Maybe the appdb guys can provide a check 
> box that app maintainers can click on to indicate that builtin ole32 
> works fine?
> any ideas?
> Mike

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