Microsoft genuine downloads looking for wine

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Feb 19 11:00:58 CST 2005

> By the way, has anyone yet spoken to the Software Freedom Law Center 
> about whether there is legal recourse available to us in this matter 
> (now, or in the future)? How lovely to have had a legal service specify 
> that they wanted the project as a client, scant weeks before a big 
> corporation targeted the project in a quite possibly actionable way 
> (naturally, IANAL, but any 'reasonable person' would find these 
> circumstances sufficient cause to check and see if they were in fact the 
> victim of a prosecutable crime).
> Serendipity doesn't happen so often; don't forget to take advantage of it.

I have several emails and a voice mail into Eben; I'll bug him
again on Monday.


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