press -- eweek, Microsoft Seeks to Bottle Up Open Source Wine

Tom twickline at
Sat Feb 19 16:12:24 CST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:
> Fascinating. For those who don't want to read the whole thing, here is
> their response:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> WGA differentiates the value of genuine versions of Windows XP and Windows
> 2000 from other operating systems, including virtualized versions of
> Windows, by giving them access to updates and premium content. As such,
> only genuine copies of Windows XP and Windows 2000 are eligible for
> content that requires validation through WGA.
> It is important to note, however, that security updates are not part of
> WGA. They are available to all Windows users – with or without WGA
> validation -- via the Download Center where they can be accessed
> interactively or automatically though the Automatic Updates feature.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "Premium Content"? What on earth could that be?

I would only guess IE7 when it ships this summer?
One more reason for windows users to install and use FireFox.

  Maybe we should ask the
> new legal clinic about whether they're breaking the law or not and if so,
> what should we do about it?

Wonder when they will WGA security updates?
There just being M$ start slow and keep applying pressure.
I would expect 50+% of windows installs in less fortunate countries are 
non genuine. So all these people have a excellent
reason to make the switch to Linux now.

> Rather worryingly a guy claiming to be a ReactOS developer

Is this guy a real ReactOS developer? I don't recall the name
ever being on wine-devel, wine-patches.......


  claims in the
> same story that 99% of apps break if you set Wine to WinXP mode, which is
> quite clearly false. I've seen similar misconceptions before though (that
> Wine can only run Windows 98 apps or whatever). Maybe we should stick
> something in the FAQ about it.
> thanks -mike

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