press -- eweek, Microsoft Seeks to Bottle Up Open Source Wine

Mike Hearn mh at
Sat Feb 19 17:14:17 CST 2005

On Sat, 2005-02-19 at 17:12 -0500, Tom wrote:
> I would only guess IE7 when it ships this summer?
> One more reason for windows users to install and use FireFox.

I should have read the press release more closely:

New software incentives, valued at more than $450 (U.S.), will be added
for users of genuine Windows software who take part in the program,
including these:
      * Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows 
      * Winter Fun Pack 2004 
      * Fifty percent off a selection of MSN® Games by 
      * Six-month trial of Microsoft Office OneNote® 2003 
      * Fifty percent off hosted Windows SharePoint® Services
      * Fifty percent off Microsoft List Builder service 
      * Thirty percent off the new Microsoft Office Outlook® Live

It appears that Photo Story is *only* available if you validate, it's
not optional in this case.

If you click "Download Photo Story 3" here you are told to validate:

While this app is given away for free, presumably it's still illegal
product tying as Photo Story *could* run on Wine, but due to this block
Wine users are being prevented from downloading it.

thanks -mike

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