Problems with rsaenh/advapi32 and 'Myst Uru Demo'

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Sun Feb 20 13:21:46 CST 2005


I've download a bunch of demo-apps and this one
( has some problems with the
builtin rsaenh.dll/advapi32.dll. The trace (+crypt,+loaddll) shows:

fixme:crypt:CRYPT_VerifyImage (rsaenh.dll, 0x77e39320): not verifying image
trace:crypt:RSAENH_CPAcquireContext (phProv=0x77e3941c, pszContainer="{07EC3FFA-8373-11D9-C687-000CF1342294}", dwFlags=00000010, pVTable=0x77e394d0)
trace:crypt:CryptReleaseContext (0x77e38c68, 00000000)
trace:crypt:RSAENH_CPReleaseContext (hProv=00000001, dwFlags=00000000)
trace:loaddll:MODULE_FlushModrefs Unloaded module L"c:\\windows\\system\\rsaenh.dll" : builtin
trace:crypt:CryptDestroyHash (0x77e38c48)
wine: Unhandled exception (thread 000d), starting debugger...

Is this due to the 'lack' of reference counting in the advapi32 crypt stuff?

It looks like RSAENH_CPReleaseContext released 'everything' where it shouldn't, hence the
failure of CryptDestroyHash.



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