"bachelor project" with wine ?

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Mon Feb 21 09:11:31 CST 2005


I'm supposed to choose a topic - and work it out - for a "bachelor 
Now, at the moment I have no clue, and teachers are discussing what 
topics to hand; in the mean time, I think maybe it might be interesting 
to do some wine work in such a form that it's ok for this "bachelor 
project" :)

This project is supposed to be something like 308 hours; and of course, 
it should be possible to show something interesting at the end of that.
About my background, I have a few years of (simple) programming 
experience (in C and C++, mostly) and most of that was done under linux 
-- just school programs most of the time; I don't have much experience 
with X programming and *none at all* with winapi;
Is there a "project"/are there "projects" in wine, suitable for this? 
It's ok if I have to do api learning but ofcourse that'd take a part of 
those hours; As you can see, it should be some clearly showable (either 
visible or something in behavior) progress in running windows 
executables under wine;

I hope you can give me a hand finding an interesting topic (and I guess 
I'll be asking a lot of questions here in the coming weeks if you hand 
me something I want to work on ;) )

thanks in advance for any ideas



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