Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Mon Feb 21 10:47:11 CST 2005

Hi, I've had a regression with Creatures 2  between 
and 2005-02-03 and 2005-02-19..

Creatures 2 makes heavy use of out-of-process COM for
it's components, the main screen used to work ok (but
the components didn't).
Now it starts up and I get the error.

"err:virtual:NtMapViewOfSection Sizes larger than 4Gb
not supported"

I'll try to find out what patch caused the regression.

1 0x405168ec RaiseException
2 0x5f45394berr:virtual:NtMapViewOfSection Sizes
larger than 4Gb not supported
??  in mfc42 (0x406ffcd8)
3 0x5f40d992  ??  in mfc42 (0x0047ceb8)
...stack missing.

other threads are waiting for
 RPCRT4_process_packet,rpc_server.c:316 ... 
 RPCRT4_server_thread, rpc_server.c:506
 User_update_thread, dsurface/user.c:515
 RPCRT4_worker_thread, rpc_server.c:353

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