SHELL32: cleanup, create unicode versions of some functions

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Feb 21 23:15:31 CST 2005

>>-        if (strcasecmp ( szData1, szData2 )!=0 )
>>+        if (strcasecmp( szData1, szData2 ))

> As a common rule strcasecmp should never be used in Wine code, since
> it introduces problem with portability and unexpected side effects
> when locale of the underlying system differs from a Wine one.
> You could make it a part of your clean up as well :-)

There's quite a few strcasecmp calls revealed by:

find . -name \*.c -exec grep strcasecmp {} \; -ls

We probably need somebody to go through and clean them all up.  Maybe a 
janitorial task?


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