Poor performance when using Texas Instruments code generation tools in Wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Feb 22 06:23:04 CST 2005

> Hi !
> We have some performance problems with Wine that we could use some help on..
> Here's the story:
> We have been using TI code generation tools (compiler and linker) on 
> Wine, and it has worked well. However, when we started evaluating newer 
> versions of the codegen tools, the linking time was dramatically 
> increased (from 20 sec to 30 minutes...).
> We have done some profiling using oprofile, and found that most of this 
> time (96%) is spent in the HEAP_FindFreeBlock* *function in the ntdll 
> module. The time needed to locate a free heap block increases gradually, 
> from a few iterations up to about 15000 in the project we are building. 
> We suspect that this may be due to fragmentation caused by the heap 
> allocate/free algorithms.
  Maybe this can also explain the slowdown of long-running apps under wine ?
For example, DC++ runs perfectly when started, but after 12 hours of operation
the window updates, search and other program functions are so incredibly slow,
that it's better to kill it and restart.
                                   With regards, Pavel Troller

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