Collection of wine tools on windows

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Mon Feb 21 14:42:11 CST 2005


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> Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>   > Heh, the MinGW folks seem to have some strange 
> requirements for their
> > headers, I don't think they'll drop theirs. But we can 
> start by having 
> > ReactOS adopt our headers.
> > 
> > We should also offer our headers as a separate package that 
> works out 
> > of the box as a replacement for the MinGW ones. This way people can 
> > just get our headers if they are better than the MinGW ones.
> Can't the win32api package headers be used to replace the 
> mingw headers?
> Ivan.

W32api IS the MinGW headers.

I might vote for using WINE headers in ReactOS if WINE relicensed
its headers to a w32api or BSD like license that will allow use in
a non-free application. What I would like to see most though, is
for all three projects to share w32api.


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