Should winecfg drive detection create device symlinks

Michael Jung mjung at
Wed Feb 23 02:22:54 CST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 08:40, Paul van Schayck wrote:
> <mjung at> wrote:
> > I think winecfg does this already. Take a look at the function
> > apply_drive_functions in drive.c. Does'nt it work for you?
> As far as I can tell it does not. We do not store the device node path
> in the detect functions so I see no way we make symlinks from
> dosdevices/ to device nodes.

Sorry, I misunderstood you.

> Yeah, the auto detect works here just fine (symlinks are created).
> Just one problem I haven't come up with a sollution yet. My floppy has
> as fs type in fstab 'auto'. This means my floppy comes up as a fixed
> harddrive.

I have the same problem for my cdrom. As a heuristic, how about the following:
If fs type is auto and the referenced device node is /dev/fd*, we assume it's 
a floppy. If fs type is auto and the referenced device node is not /dev/fd*, 
we assume it's a cdrom.

Are floppies always mapped to /dev/fd* or are there other valid device nodes? 
How about BSD/Solaris?

Michael Jung
mjung at

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