[ros-dev] RE: Collection of wine tools on windows

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Wed Feb 23 07:43:02 CST 2005

Rolf Kalbermatter wrote:

>This is rubish. 
Yes ^ 3 ( that is Yes cubed)

Let us all get back on track of this discussion. Must ReactOS and MinGW 
use the Wine set of headers.

1. ReactOS & MinGW are by themselves GPL, So they are more strict than 
Wine's header set
2. Headers are out of the scope for License as Rolf explained.
    Or to be more precise they are the boundary put by the License. 
"From this API down you are in Library territory".
    The header is the Line drawn by the Library writer, as what is 
public API. A GPL program is an LGPL library with the trivial public 
header of:
    <c> int main(int argc ,char* argc[]) ; // use only </c>
3. Wine Headers are description of the Win32 API by Microsoft, so what 
the hell are you talking about.

And back to the subject. I have proved that Wine-headers are not only, 
nice-to-have, but a must in a gcc compilation environment on Windows, 
like MinGW or Cygwin. Could/did any one see if ReactOS has every thing 
they need in wine-headers and if not patch in the diff.

So is it accepted than!

Free Life

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