rsabase: Make rsabase a wrapper around rsaenh

Scott W Gifford gifford at
Wed Feb 23 09:51:47 CST 2005

Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> writes:

> Jonathan Ernst wrote:
>> Le mercredi 23 février 2005 à 13:50 +0100, Michael Jung a écrit :
>>> Ok, that makes rsabase a really trivial dll. Please remove
>>> dlls/rsabase/main.c from cvs (Is there any way to capture this in a
>>> diff?)
>> diff -u dlls/rsabase/main.c /dev/null >> rsabase.diff
> Not realy as this empties only the file but dosn't remove it from CVS.

"patch -E" will remove empty files automatically, although a "cvs
remove" is still required afterwards.


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