World Of Warcraft

Raphael fenix at
Wed Feb 23 16:09:23 CST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 10:26, Alex Woods wrote:
> I owe you a beer!

I'm waiting you :)

> It works great.  No crash, and the minimap is there looking how I think
> it should (don't have windows or cedega so it's the first time I've seen
> inside the game properly).  Unfortunately, wine crashes out if I move
> the mouse to another display.  so I can't take a screenshot for you :(
> I'll take a look at that later when I've got more time.  The minimap
> even works indoors (I think start rooms count as indoors), which is
> apparently something that doesn't work in cedega in opengl mode ;)

good news :)
Happy gaming

> There were a couple of compile warnings, but nothing to worry about:
> wgl_ext.c: In function `wglCreatePbufferARB':
> wgl_ext.c:335: warning: format argument is not a pointer (arg 5)
> wgl_ext.c:312: warning: unused variable `bmp'
> wgl_ext.c: At top level:
> wgl_ext.c:218: warning: 'ConvertAttribGLXtoWGL' defined but not used.

don't worry i'll clean it on the real patch

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