Compiling wine dlls for windows

Michael Jung mjung at
Fri Feb 25 06:19:51 CST 2005

On Thursday 24 February 2005 21:19, Hans Leidekker wrote:
> On Thursday 24 February 2005 17:53, Michael Jung wrote:
> > I would like to test a wine dll I'm working on on windows. Could you
> > please tell me how the wine dlls are build for windows ? (Or beat me to
> > the the place where it is documented.)
> Among other possibilities, if you have an RPM based distro
> you could use my MinGW cross compiler RPM packages, prebuilt
> for Fedora Core and SUSE but also available as source RPMS
> to rebuild yourself:

Thanks for all the tips I've got on this one.

Michael Jung
mjung at

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