WineConf agenda ideas

Brian Vincent vinn at
Fri Feb 25 12:13:24 CST 2005

Over the the past week or so I've harassed some folks about the agenda for 
WineConf.  At this point there's a lot that remains to be filled in, but I 
need some feedback.  Also, I need more ideas for presentations.  Does anyone 
want to present something?  It'd be great if someone would volunteer.  I 
think what we're shooting for is a presentation followed by discussion 
all contained within about one hour.  In total we'll have 10 - 12 different 

Here's the items that are definitely going to be on the agenda:

WRS intro
Keynote - Alexandre
Road to .9 and 1.0 - Dimi
ReactOS update - all the ReactOS guys
Wine / networking / Samba issues - Juan Lang

We've also got some other items, but I need feedback as to whether any of 
you find this stuff interesting.  (So reply and tell me if any of these 
items sound interesting.)

Windows authentication - Andrew Bartlett (um.. haven't asked him yet though)
Something else Samba related? - Samba guys
Commercial port of a Winelib app and using Wine - an enterprise user
CXTest and regression testing - someone from CodeWeavers
Version control - Mike Hearn wearing a fire retardant suit
DCOM work - Mike or Rob
DirectX update - ?

Also, if you need to make hotel reservations, there's just a few weeks left
to do that.  Check out the WineConf page for details:

As people begin to figure out travel plans, the wineconf mailing list will
pick up.  How to join:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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