While we're saying thanks, another thing that works is...

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Fri Feb 25 12:55:24 CST 2005

... the Neverwinter Nights Toolset. Amazingly enough, after I had 
followed a whole lot of very complex instructions in order to download 
and compile some half-ancient version of WineX (3.3.2), patch it to 
nwwine (which is the common name of the patched version that is supposed 
to get the toolset working; it's in Portage and everything), and add 
Registry entries and native dlls, it turned out that the toolset ran 
'perfectly well' under regular old Wine 20050211 (and in fact not very 
well under nwwine; couldn't use the menus, etc.).

My wine is all hacked together atm, so I'll have to do a clean install 
to see if it needs anything special other than a couple of native dlls 
(that it might not need, but I had installed them to the program folder 
for nwwine) before attempting to add it to the appdb, but it definitely 
works. I've added custom content to all 7 of the Original Campaign 
modules using it (and the game is using the content properly, so it's 
correctly added).

Oh, and by the way, thanks for the fix of the titlebars; it's really 
really nice to have the same window decorations in Wine programs as on 
the rest of the desktop. Just noticed it today (can't believe I didn't 
before) and wanted to let you know I appreciate it.


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