New uninstaller

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Feb 25 18:49:03 CST 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> As requested, I'm trying to make a new uninstaller using a dialog
> instead of a window.
> It's my first windows program and I have something working but there are
> still some issues.
> If someone could help with some of the following problems, I'd be very
> thanfull.

Cool.  Some comments:

The dialog box procedure should not handle WM_PAINT or WM_CLOSE, so just 
delete those cases from the switch statement.

Don't send WM_SETFONT messages to the controls in the dialog.  Let the 
dialog template define what the dialog looks like.

Your WM_INITDIALOG handler should fill the listbox, not WM_PAINT.

You can remove the "No items selected" message if uninstall is clicked 
without a listbox element select.  That's just going to annoy people, 
and it's not internationalized.


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