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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Sat Feb 26 09:51:52 CST 2005

Le samedi 26 février 2005 à 12:09 +0800, Dmitry Timoshkov a écrit :
> > 3) Stringtables
> > a)Is there a way to load localized strings without having to guess
> > beforehand the size of the string in each language ?
> > b)Is there a way to not call LoadString for each string ?
> > c)Where is the best place to load every string of a stringtable ? in
> > main(), just before calling DialogBox() ?
> It's better to void using string tables, since now you have converted
> code to use dialog box instead.

How can I do it for messageboxes ? Is there a way to define them in the
resource files or do I have to make a dialog instead of messageboxes ?

Thanks everyone for your comments, I'll send an updated version soon.
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