winedbg hanging

Alex Woods wine-devel at
Sat Feb 26 15:00:04 CST 2005


When I try to run winedbg with the --gdb option, it simply hangs.  I've
tracked this down to dbg_get_debuggee_info returning false and then
everything falling through to a wait(NULL).  The callback that is
getting passed SymEnumerateModules doesn't seem to be getting called at
all.  I've put traces into the SymEnumerateModules but they aren't
spitting anything out.  Here is the function getting called though:

0035:CALL dbghelp.SymEnumerateModules(<unknown, check return>(0x558b0000,00000002,00000040): returning 558c5de8) ret=55b1f6be
0035:RET  dbghelp.SymEnumerateModules(0000003c,55b1f590,55c3f4b0) retval=00000001 ret=55b1f6be0

I'm not I believe that it is getting called, at least not the one in
dbghelp/module.c.  I've stuck an exit at the top of it, and it doesn't.
I've noticed a SymEnumerateModules64 that is just a stub, and that's
made me suspicious because I'm running a multilib compiled wine on an
x86_64 platform.  Also, could that be a problem, since gdb is compiled
as 64-bit?  I'm pretty sure I'm either being dense, or something is
happening that I'm not aware of.  Could someone point out which, please?



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