Problem using winelib to compile Std Lib strings

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Sun Feb 27 02:54:53 CST 2005

Rob D wrote:

> The files I cant seem to compile are ones that use std string.
If you are using msvcrt, You cannot use native g++ std with Winelib. In 
this case you'll need to grab STLPort. And hack on it to compile over 
wine & msvcrt headers. This is for two reason. 1- The headers are 
incompatible (Headers separation is really bad especially gcc's) 2. 
you'll have a risk of runtime memory corruption, as programmers usually 
mix between allocation methods. So you'll have some buffers allocated in 
Wine system that try to released on g++ heap and vis versa.

If you want I can package for you an OLD STLPort. The dynamic Libraries 
you will not be able to use as it uses a very old wine build. But you 
should be able to compile and use the static libraries.

> The development Ive been tasked with will move several people off of
> winblows machines and onto Solaris 10 if I can succeed, so it is even
> more critical in my mind to get this to work.
Yes this is very important! If they're used to Windows MSDEV. they might 
like KDevelop3, and the debugger is also nice for Winelib. You do have 
KDE libs for Sun right???

Free life

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