invisible desktops - major pain in the testing process

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Feb 28 04:46:48 CST 2005

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> writes:

> "Ferenc Wagner" <wferi at> wrote:
>> I was under the impression that most of the tests are
>> independent of desktop visibility.
> Not really. Any API which directly or indirectly creates
> windows or uses GDI is affected by the desktop visibility.

Roughly checking the latest results shows that the following
tests are affected seriously by desktop visibility:


Some pretty important ones, I agree, but hardly a majority.

> Also, as I already pointed out, Wine doesn't run in that
> mode at all, so we can't compare apples to apples in that
> case.

You are absolutely right in the cases where it makes any
difference (more than the above list)

> And the apps most of the developers/users care about
> should be run on a visible desktop anyway.

Yes.  I don't argue that testing on a visible desktop is a
must.  Some people are actually doing that, it seems.  Or
maybe that's just you alone... :)  Anyway, I tried to make
such results visually distinctive so that we shouldn't drop
all the rest.  Too bad it doesn't work.

> figuring out why it doesn't work is completely useless
> IMO, since the results of the tests running on an
> invisible desktop can't be used for a reasonable
> comparison.

I see your point, even if find it a bit strong.  Ivan's
suggestion is nice, but that requires a probably not so
trivial change in winrash.  I wonder if Chris will do it.

>> And the winrash service is the only way to get several
>> reports quickly for a new test.
> Why? What prevents someone to run the tests manually in
> interactive mode once a day?

Nothing.  Somebody is actually doing it for NT4, 2000 and
XP.  I did it now and then for Win98, but this one can't
really be told apart from the invisible ones (not
considering error counts).  From

    Volunteers who will run the tests their Windows platform
    of choice on a regular basis so that we quickly fix
    incorrect tests
        * Win95: Michael Stefaniuc, Fabian Cenedese
        * Win98: Tony Lambregts, Jeff Smith (SE)
        * WinNT: Luke Stras
        * WinME: James K Whiting
        * Win2k: Tom Wickline, Kye Lewis
        * WinXP: David Miller, Kye Lewis 

> If that someone can't or won't do it, then we have to find
> another someone. I'm pretty sure that there are enough not
> lazy people wishing to help we could to choose from.


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