Wine cabinet.dll FDI Conformace Test Patch

Andreas Mohr andi at
Mon Feb 28 10:51:20 CST 2005


On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 10:21:15PM -0800, Rizwan Kassim wrote:
> Folks,
>  Aleksandr Liber and I have put together a set of tests for
>  cabinet.dll. Before we submit them to wine-patches, can anyone offer
>  any critiques/input? We plan to submit in a day or two. 
Cool stuff!

It's wonderful to have people work on OSS projects such as Wine
during study tasks.
(your project has been announced before, but I'm commenting on this now only)

>  Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated!
It's an unspoken rule that preprocessor directives (#ifdef, ...)
always start at the very beginning of a line to make sure one recognizes
immediately which parts of the code are being processed and which ones aren't.

AFAICS you're not using wine test suite infrastructure, e.g. ok() etc.

Using printf() directly strikes me as being quite bad, too...

Apart from that it appears to be very good.


Andreas Mohr

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