invisible desktops - major pain in the testing process

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Mon Feb 28 11:55:21 CST 2005

> Yes.  I don't argue that testing on a visible desktop is a
> must.  Some people are actually doing that, it seems.  Or
> maybe that's just you alone... :)  Anyway, I tried to make
> such results visually distinctive so that we shouldn't drop
> all the rest.  Too bad it doesn't work.
> > figuring out why it doesn't work is completely useless
> > IMO, since the results of the tests running on an
> > invisible desktop can't be used for a reasonable
> > comparison.
> I see your point, even if find it a bit strong.  Ivan's
> suggestion is nice, but that requires a probably not so
> trivial change in winrash.  I wonder if Chris will do it.

What change do you want?  The ability for winetest to be able to
interact with the desktop?  I've tried enabling this before but it
didn't seem to have any effect.  I've been quite busy lately and
haven't had the time to keep on on winrash development.  I'd like to
turn over maintenance on winrash to someone else, if anyone is
interested feel free to email me and I can set you up as an admin on
the project.


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