OpenGL _client regression with ATI.

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Mon Feb 28 14:05:09 CST 2005

Hi, after the whole _client, _window changes for
VisualID's DirectX started displaying a bit of garbage
at the top of the screen, which I toughed was because
the window frames weren't taken into account in the

This is sort of what's happening but it's worse.

When I'm using ATI's driver, the viewport comes up as
the whole screen, so as I move the window from the top
left of my desktop so the clipping changes.

It also affects non-DirectX stuff, e.g.  with a
desktop set in ~/.wine/config some windows come up
centred as if the whole screen is taken into account
and not just the desktop view, and sometimes a window
that should be a given size resizes to the whole

With mesa the openGL problems don't appear.

I haven't had any problems with any other openGL
applications so I can only assume that it's a problem
in wine.

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