Wine cabinet.dll FDI Conformace Test Patch

Daniel Kegel dank at
Mon Feb 28 19:52:45 CST 2005

Andreas wrote:
> It's an unspoken rule that preprocessor directives (#ifdef, ...)
> always start at the very beginning of a line to make sure one recognizes
> immediately which parts of the code are being processed and which ones aren't.

Good point.  I should have caught that style violation
when I reviewed their code for them this weekend.

> AFAICS you're not using wine test suite infrastructure, e.g. ok() etc.
> Using printf() directly strikes me as being quite bad, too...

I think they're using the wine test infrastructure properly everywhere.
The only exception is the disabled self-test in tvfs.c, but I
think that's fine.  It's not even built, it was just used while
developing the test harness.

> Apart from that it appears to be very good.

- Dan

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