vartest.c - major pain in the build process

Jakob Eriksson jakov at
Mon Feb 28 19:07:22 CST 2005

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Ivan Leo Puoti" <ivanleo at> wrote:
>>We can just have winrash run in interactive mode. Once tests are ready to run, a message pops up
>>saying "new tests available" or something of the sort, the user then chooses to run them now or
>>later, like the windows automatic updates. Like this we could test both visible and invisible 
>>desktops, and could have a fair amount of results for both environments.
>I have to repeat again: Winword, Photoshop, Internet Explorer or any other
>application I and most (if not all) developers and users are care about do not
>run on an invisible desktop, therefore I don't care about tests running in that
>mode at all. It's not simply an optional mode, that's a mode completely useless
>for vast majority of Wine users/developers.

For example file APIs many applications depend upon, and these
are totally unaffected by desktop visibility.


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