Remove heap.h

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Sat Jan 1 09:47:11 CST 2005


>>+    docA.lpszDocName = WtoA( doc->lpszDocName );
>>+    docA.lpszOutput = WtoA( doc->lpszOutput );
>>+    docA.lpszDatatype = WtoA( doc->lpszDatatype;
>Isn't there a missing parenthesis?

There sure is, I must have deleted it while removing the cruft from
the diff (since it compiles fine on my box at home :). I'll resubmit.

>Because in 99.99% of cases you don't want to convert from W->A.
>If all our functions are Unicode, a W->A conversion is a warning
>sign, and for sure you wouldn't want to encourage people to do
>so by making it any easier.

winapi_check will allready tell us all cross-calls anyway, doesn't
It may be years before all the a to w conversions are done and we are
100% internally unicode, why live with a non standard header that


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