December 2004 - more patches than you can shake a stick at

Maxime Bellengé maxime.bellenge at
Sun Jan 2 10:07:38 CST 2005

Happy new year everybody !

In your list, you forgot your big work on systray. Do you see in your
crystal ball if/when it will be merged ?



On Sun, 2005-01-02 at 14:57 +0000, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Happy new year everybody!
> Being the patch fetishist that I am, I couldn't help noticing that in
> December 2004 we cleared 8mb of patches: that's by far the largest since
> the current archives began in October 2000.
> The extra traffic came from a lot of places:
> -  Huge improvements to the Application Database.
> -  The number was also pushed higher by an MSI merge from CodeWeavers.
> -  Some big janitorial patches went in from Michael Stefaniuc
> -  Finally Rob and I were cranking out DCOM patches, and there are of
>    course lots more in the pipeline.
> Now time for some crystal ball gazing. Here are some interesting patches
> we might be seeing in 2005:
> -  Completion of the WM rewrite work. Alexandre seems to be making great
>    progress on this, which will let us fix many of the odd visual
>    corruption problems we've been plagued with for so long. It'll also 
>    let us remerge Alexs winedesktop patch, giving us a real desktop window
>    that is used for all apps, at last. 
>    It should have many other benefits too: fixing the flickering in 
>    the Half Life menus and allowing us to support the NETWM fullscreen
>    protocol. This should let us resolve many instances of the "my game
>    starts but I can't type" problem.
> -  Lots more DCOM code. Huw Davies is hacking on getting widl to produce
>    a stdole32.tlb file, once that's in we can start really nailing 
>    InstallShield to the wall. We will hopefully get this and the
>    thread-affinity patches in the next few months, which should mean 
>    for the first time we can run InstallShield 6 installers perfectly, out
>    of the box.
>    Support for newer InstallShields will come as time permits of course.
> -  More MSI improvements! CodeWeavers are continuing to work on
>    this so it should develop nicely even though the iTunes installer 
>    work has been completed. Office 2003 will also motivate this. It's
>    being used by at least one commercial app porting project as well.
> -  Support for running Winelib apps directly, so we can get rid of the
> extensions/shell wrapper scripts, and produce "raw" ELF
>    binaries. They'll still need the wine loader app to be present of
>    course, but it should all be invisible and behind the scenes. Vincent
>    Beron and I have been working on this in the last week or so, and we
>    just need to finish it off and convince Alexandre the extra assembly
>    is worth it! :)
> Who knows what the new year will bring? More apps working out of the box,
> that's for sure! Have fun!
> thanks -mike

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