Support for running Winelib apps directly

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Jan 3 08:43:54 CST 2005

Hi Boaz,

On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 15:58 +0200, Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> We did try to keep up with what wineapploader and wine did to load a 
> fake-dll winelib app and all the spec.c magic that linked it all.
> Could you please elaborate a bit on what has changed and how it is all 
> glued together? 

Nothing changed yet, we have to get it past Alexandre first. I'm not
really keen on how huge the patch has become, but I guess that's
portability for you :)

If the patch goes in, you will be able to compiled a Winelib app and run
it like so:


and put it in the path etc. The "wine" thing will be no
longer required, though it will still work.

> Is the embedded wineapploader Process reused for the 
> main process for easier debugging? Currently when you debug a winelib 
> app under GDB you cannot use wineapploader you need to use 
> wine-kthread/pthread directly, and disable execshild and friends all 
> together. Will that be at all possible now?

No sorry. gdb has a lot of problems debugging even UNIX apps these
days :( I agree that it is awkward and we should do some work to make
gdb operational with Wine again at some point (probably means fixing gdb
bugs unfortunately).

> Do you think it can be easier now for a: let's call it Unix app, to 
> become a winelib application mid-flight. Lets say, when it wants to load 
> a PE plug in DLL. (The way of mono and that Audio program can't recall 
> the name). Could a UnixODBC (elf dynamic lib) force a load on a PE ODBC 
> driver, therefor making the running app a winelib, Like PHP for example? 
> If so could you make a little hello-world example of how it is done?

No, this is unrelated to that work I'm afraid. You still need to borg
your program if it wants to use Wine.

Some good work was done in the winelib-in-midflight area, and I think
it's fair to say that we now know how it should be done. But there's a
big difference between having a patch that works, and having it
supported and in CVS.

thanks -mike

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