Changed files to use interlocked functions

Rob Shearman rob at
Tue Jan 4 08:12:16 CST 2005

Paul Vriens wrote:

>Hi Mike,
>Are there AddRef's or Releases that don't need the modification? Or is it
>OK to modify all of them?

Theoretically, COM classes that are registered with 
"ThreadingModel"="Apartment" do not need to use the atomic 
increment/decrement functions as they shouldn't be accessed by more than 
one thread at a time, but it shouldn't hurt to change them anyway.

>What's the best way to generate mail/patches for this bulk. One email for
>each file/dll? 

One patch for each DLL should be a good balance of reviewability and 
amount of work for Alexandre.

>Inline or attached?

Whatever is easiest for you.


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