Native unix style paths in wine common dialogs

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue Jan 4 10:56:28 CST 2005

On Tue, 04 Jan 2005 11:22:00 -0500, Dan Notestein wrote:
> This patch allows winelib to be conditionally compiled with
> USE_NATIVE_UNIX_PATHS macro. Enabling this will cause
> the common dialogs to display using unix paths instead of drive
> letters.

Fantastic! What would rule even more is if this was not a conditional
compilation flag, but something that could be toggled at runtime. That way
you can have a single Wine installation that has both half-native winelib
apps and regular win32 binaries run at once. As it is, this patch is only
really useful for when you are distributing your own app-specific copy of
Wine, no?

> Btw, if anyone is interested we also have another module which
> can be used to convert the windows-style drive letters returned
> by the common dialogs into unix-style paths (if you want to use
> these paths will "normal" file i/o functions such as C++ stream i/o).

Isn't that what wine_get_unix_file_name does?

thanks -mike

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