dcom95.exe removed from sf.net

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Jan 4 15:33:07 CST 2005

Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
> Hem, Mike I did ask about this on wine-devel and got no answers.
> I am *not* the sort of person that would take decisions like that one 
> without discussing it first,
> but as nobody answered I thought nobody cared, it is not my intent to 
> interfere with anything.

I was puzzled by this, because I shared Mike's concern that you
unilaterally removed this file, and it seemed abrupt and unannounced
to me as well.

So I searched around, and I see that you brought this up in April,
and then nicely followed through by submitting patches to change
Wine to not point to SF, but instead to Microsoft.

So, I guess that the only thing we could have asked is if you had
posted a note saying something to the effect 'okay, guys, now that
I cleaned up the code to not point to SF, I'm removing the file now...',
which would have wacked us with the clue bat.  And it's a bit tough
to ask us to remember things 8 months out of context...

But it is clear to me that you did try to do 'the right thing',
and we jumped down your throat a bit too quickly.

Sorry about that.

> I just don't think it's nice to violate the sf.net rules, and I beleive 
> it's disrispectful to other projects. Closed source files can be useful 
> to linux users, but thins is no excuse.
> If the wine community thinks this the sf TOS isn't important, fine, but 
> I disassociate myself from such a decision.

I think we all agree that we want to respect their wishes.

Jer tells me it's deleted now; anyone still pointing to SF
needs to update ASAP.



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