ptrace single-stepping change breaks Wine

Andrew Morton akpm at
Tue Jan 4 15:21:11 CST 2005

Mike Hearn <mh at> wrote:
> Also a precise description of what flex-mmap does would be good. Google
>  wasn't too informative, best I could get was that it means mmap
>  allocates from the "top" of the address space down. But where is the top
>  exactly?

Ingo has described it thus:


  0x08000000 ... binary code
  0x08xxxxxx ... brk area
  0x40000000 ... start of mmap, new mmaps go after old ones
  0xbfxxxxxx ... stack


  0x08000000 ... binary code
  0x08xxxxxx ... brk area
  0xbfxxxxxx ... _end_ of all mmaps, new mmaps go below old ones
  0xbfyyyyyy ... stack

the 'after' layout guarantees that brk area (malloc()) can grow
unlimited and mmap() can grow unlimited - they will meet somewhere
inbetween when almost all of the VM is used up. [the 'top' of the mmaps
in the 'after' layout is constrained by the stack ulimit - the stack
must still fit and we never allocate into the stack's yet unallocated
and growable hole.]

with the 'before' layout we've got 900 MB for brk() and 1.9GB for
mmaps() - a rigid limit.

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