video4linux - wine

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Jan 5 15:04:17 CST 2005

MediaHost (TM) wrote:

> However, is there any development going on concerning v4l and/or USB? 
> Actually it's a pity, that I couldn't realize this project....we would 
> have been willing to invest in such code....

I'm not sure what the capabilities of video4linux are, which devices it 
supports or how its API works.  I know it supports at least some USB 

> As we can access /dev/usb/lpt or /dev/dsp, it should be possible to 
> access /dev/video....I'm not familiar in implementing such stuff at 
> wine, but....?

The idea is to use the video4linux interface to implement the VFW API in 
Wine. The way I usually go about this kind of thing is to write a 
program or find a simple program (hopefully one with source code) that 
can grab a picture from a WebCam on Linux.  Then run it in Wine, and see 
which error messages come out... then you'll have a starting point. 
Looks like there's souce for a simple program like that here:

and documentation for VFW here:


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