video4linux - wine

Rob Shearman rob at
Wed Jan 5 07:41:23 CST 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> There's currently no support, but you could add it via the Still Image 
> (STI) API.  It's meant for scanners and webcams.  There's probably a 
> way to add VFW (Video For Windows drivers) too.
> I have written an IDL file for IStillImage, which I haven't gotten 
> round to submitting as yet.  I've attached it incase you're 
> interested... I think it still needs some fixing up.
> Mike
> MediaHost (TM) wrote:
>> Question: Is there support for video4linux devices with wine? Is 
>> there some support for webcams? What are the settings (config)? I 
>> couldn't find anything useful on google concerning this issue....

You're probably much better off implementing a DirectShow -> V4L filter, 
especially if you want to capture movies or sound.


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