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luis lenders lgvlenders at
Wed Jan 5 08:17:49 CST 2005

MediaHost (TM) wrote:

>> However, is there any development going on
concerning v4l and/or USB? 
>> Actually it's a pity, that I couldn't realize this
project....we would 
>> have been willing to invest in such code....

>I'm not sure what the capabilities of video4linux
are, >which devices it 
>supports or how its API works.  I know it supports at
>least some USB webcams.

Actually video4linux has quite some capabilities, a
program like xawtv for example can even grab a movie
from your tv-tuner card.

>> As we can access /dev/usb/lpt or /dev/dsp, it
should >>be possible to access /dev/video....I'm not
familiar >>in implementing such stuff at  wine,

Altough I'm a programming noob i tried a few weeks ago
 to write some code to accomplish this with (not much)
but still a little succes: i used code from a program
like vidcat to read a frame from my v4l device (in png
format), used code from another program (png2bmp) to
turn it into a bitmap, and used CreateWindowEx to
display this in a windowsprogram under wine. Although
the window with the frame from my webcam showed up ,
the windowsprogram did not behave further as it should
do. There is plenty of code to be found on the
using the v4l api, but the problem  how to get this in
wine. Maybe someone has some further hints? 
Regards luis

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