bi-arch on an amd64

Gabriel de Perthuis at
Wed Jan 5 16:27:01 CST 2005

I'm trying to get wine cross compiled for my distrib, a 64-bit ubuntu.
I'm using:
a gcc-3.4 bi-arch toolchain (gcc built with --enable-multilib);
the wine-20041201 tarball;
this configure command (CC is ccache gcc-3.4):
AS="as --32" CC="$CC -m32" CXX="$CXX -m32" ./configure
note: with AS the same as CC, it gets stuck with
dlls/ntdll/relay32.s -> relay32.o
these two patches :
sed -i s/SYS_sigaction/SYS_rt_sigaction/g dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c
replacing ld with ld -m elf_i386 in the ld_cmd definition in

With all this, I can get it to build!
The problem is, it doesn't run;
wine stops with this unhelpful message:
wine: could not exec \uffff\uffffmU\uffff\uffffmUp/bin/wine-pthread
(special characters inside)

So, I am interested in past experiences (versions used and patches): I think
wine, as most applications if need be, can be built in 32-bit mode and used by
amd64 distros. It would be nice if these fixes were sent back to CVS to save
people headaches;
I also would like to know where I can go from here, to debug the binaries I
finally got.

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