RC file translation via winehq?

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Wed Jan 5 19:55:32 CST 2005

Le jeu 06/01/2005 à 04:56, Mike McCormack a écrit :
> Vincent Béron wrote:
> > I have (not much touched since maybe a year ago... sigh) some code
> > (based on initial work by Dimi) to get a picture of what's done (and
> > what's left to do). The output was in HTML, although it's not a web-app
> > in any shape or form.
> > 
> > I'll try to resurrect it (at least not to have any conflict with CVS
> > wine) and post it here. Don't expect this before saturday (or go look in
> > wine-patches archives if you can't wait).
> Actually, after thinking about it a little more, I think the best think 
> to do would be just to offer one line of text (or maybe two or three) to 
> translate, and an edit box to add the translations to.
> Text to translate could then be queued (manually at first, then maybe 
> automatically later).
> The idea would be that people could translate a few strings as they 
> visit WineHQ, without worrying about a complex interface that would 
> allow them to choose what to translate, we'd just feed each person one 
> random string from our queue of stuff that needs to be done.  The 
> translator would only choose which language they'd like to translate to.

Without more context that'll be useless, you'd be almost better off
using an automatic translation tool like Google's or Systran (for
supported languages at least).

Even with 2 or 3 "lines" (which I understand as strings enclosed in "",
correct me if I'm wrong) shown at the same time, that doesn't solve the
problem that .rc files define more than stringtables: dialog boxes
layout (dependent on string length), icons and images (none are
translated in Wine yet, but they could become), menu layouts, etc.

There must exist some tools on the Win32 side of the Earth to deal with
those things...


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