MSVCRT printf functions

Aneurin Price wine at
Thu Jan 6 10:14:57 CST 2005

I've gone over this patch again, fixed any bugs I could find, and tried 
to address the points made regarding readability. Hopefully the coding 
style should now be much improved, so could anyone who knows about such 
things give it a look over?  If there's not too much of a problem there 
I'll fix up any points made and submit to wine-patches with the 
appropriate notes.
I am still a little unsure about a couple of points; ones I can remember 
off the top of my head: probably insufficient attribution for code 
derived from file.c, since I have no idea who wrote the functions I used 
(these are specified in the copyright notice for printf.c, BTW). It's 
also pretty big; I presume it's okay to have this much in one file, but 
maybe not. Either way it can't be broken down into smaller patches since 
it's one big change.
Aneurin Price
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