Debugging mingw applications using wine

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Jan 7 14:19:01 CST 2005

Bryce McKinlay a écrit :
> Eric Pouech wrote:
>> Bryce McKinlay a écrit :
>>> I'm trying to debug a windows .exe built with mingw using wine, but 
>>> winedbg seems to have problems reading stabs from the mingw-built 
>>> binary. My goal is to be able to debug a cross-compiled, native Java 
>>> (GCJ) application, but even a simple C "hello world" seems to cause 
>>> problems.
>> winedbg using the gdb won't work here because (likely on unix) gdb 
>> isn't compiled with proper 'stabs in PE' support
>> you can either:
>> - use bare winedbg (without gdb support)
>> - recompile gdb with 'stabs in PE' support (ie the settings used when 
>> compiling gdb under windows)
> Could you give any hints as to how to configure GDB with 'stabs in PE' 
> support? The only reference I could find in the GDB documentation is:
> "6.4.5 PE
> Windows 95 and NT use the PE (/Portable Executable/) format for their 
> executables. PE is basically COFF with additional headers.
> While BFD includes special PE support, GDB needs only the basic COFF 
> reader."
> Is there a configure option to enable this support in the standard 
> BFD/GDB code? (I'm using GDB from CVS head) - or are special patches 
> required? How did you get/build the GDB you use?
There's no such things (and it's definitively not an easy task, which still 
remains to be done, and that Wine decided not to implement some years ago).

Eric Pouech

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